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i don't give a fuck

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get widdit! be derrrr! [Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005@ 9:48am]
[ mood | excited ]

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i'm nothing if i'm not with you. [Tuesday, November 1st, 2005@ 12:54pm]
[ mood | empty ]


add it. add it. add it! :]

also new screen name. its strictly for only people on my buddy list.
so if you want on it then leave your s/n !!!

viva hateonehate

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[Tuesday, November 1st, 2005@ 12:13am]
[ mood | blah ]

my new livejournal.

is friends only.
add it.

Can't imagine the things I see in the light of maturity.
Now its time to cut the strings.
A heart that knows a razor's edge more than your embrace.
Another time, another place, right?
Can I save face?
Can I pick it up and start from square one?
Will I just keep falling?
Be labeled a fool.
Cause I wanted it so bad, for the way I felt about you.
I didn't care to much, just with all my heart.
What would you care about the promises I made to you?
All yours are broken, shattered and blown away.
And now its to late to take back what every tear has said.
And I lock my heart away, save it for a better day.
But I know it may never come. And it might be selfish to say, so many care about me.
It's just hard when no one understands.
Just walk away with all you never did.


[Monday, October 31st, 2005@ 2:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

new screen name.
new livejournal.
myspace being deleted.

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F E A R [Monday, October 31st, 2005@ 12:09am]
[ mood | content ]

(if you take the time to read this all, thank you)

theres an acronym for FEAR .. False Evidence Appearing Real
everyone has a fear everyone is afraid of something.
but when you stop and think about it what you are always most afraid of is the unknown.
fear of change.. is a huge deal for me, personally...
when i get comfortable all i want to do is be in my comfort zone.
even if i know that certain things ive gotten comfortable with in my life are no good and all they do is add negativity to my life.. i keep them around because its what i know.. its what im comfortable with.. and it leaves no room for fear of the unknown.
and so the saying goes.. always do what you are afraid of for it is the most worthwhile
so with that being said ive decided to do a major cleanup of my "friends" and i feel that a lot of people i have considered amazing people in my life for so long i was just giving them that title because ive gotten so "comfortable" with them being around that i got lazy and just would rather deal with the bullshit lies then face the reality of the situation and see that there was no use for this person to even be in my life at all and deal with the change of not having any sort of interaction with them at all.

i'm sick and tired of feeling like i am being taken for granted.
of feeling like my nice kind and understanding nature is being perceived as a weakness over strength.
i'm done feeling like certain people only care about me when there is something in it for them.
i'm done putting myself out there on display for you to see and then finding out everything youve portrayed yourself to be to me is a fucking lie.

so for some of you this is goodbye for good. and for some of you.. you will be seeing a brand new jenn.
i need to fix what is broken within myself.
i need to be okay without you.
i WILL be okay without you.

For a minute there I almost believed you
And I wanted to forgive you for everything you've done
And I could feel safe but miserable
In a familiar world of lies and misinformation
But then I remembered that everything you've ever said
and everything you've ever done
add up to more wrongs,
than could ever make a right
So don't try to talk to me
'cause a thousand Fuck You's would never be enough
So I'm only gonna say this once
Fuck You I'm never coming back

in other news, saw 2 was absolutely amazing..
i am stoked on tomorrow.
♥ goodnight

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[Sunday, October 30th, 2005@ 2:28pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i always do last minute halloween costumes.

i need to come up with a ladybug costume
and fucking quick!
this will take ever ounce of creativity i have ..
pictures to come, hopefullllly

if anybody has any cute ideas.. let me know! asaaappp


cutest phonecall ever [Saturday, October 29th, 2005@ 9:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so i definately just got the cutest most amazing phonecall ever but thats probably because it was from one of the cutest most amazing girls ever... ms.robynP!!! she said she just figured out why she loved me so much the minute she met me.. "because you were real.." and honestly all i remember saying that night was "girrrrl im just tryin ta get my dick wettt" hahahahaha.

robyn, i love and miss you so much. i cant wait until december 26th!!
and to your amazing other half, mister jeremy bolm, mothafucka where u attt!? i miss you so fucking much.. it feels like i am missing my right kneecap and down.. haha ♥!!!

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